Our Tips For Making Friends As A Single Dad On Holiday

Our Tips For Making Friends as a Single Dad On Holiday

As a single dad, it is likely that one of your main priorities in life is making sure that your kids are happy. The last year has been tough for us all, but for children, it has been especially tough as they have missed out on a large chunk of their childhood from spending time indoors.

Now is the first time in a long time that the world has felt normal and so you are likely thinking of helping your children build valuable memories before they get older. Well, there is no better way to make family memories with your children than going on a family holiday.

If you look back on your own childhood, it is likely that your fondest memories are of any family holiday you went on.

If you want your children to have a great time, I would recommend heading to family holiday parks or resorts. These places tend to have a lot of entertainment for children and they are a great place for your kids to interact with other kids that are on holiday. Though family resorts are a great place for you to take your children, they can be quite intimidating when you are a single father.

At holiday resorts, it is not unusual for your kids to run off and play with other children. For most families, this is a great time for mum and dad to have some alone time and a catch-up. However, if you are a single dad you do not have someone to do this with and so when your kids are off playing you may feel quite lonely.

Just because it is you and your kids on holiday does not mean that you have to interact with them exclusively. Holidays are not just a great time for your kids to make friends, but they are also a fantastic opportunity for you to make some potential friends too.

If you are someone that has never really interacted with new people when abroad, the idea of approaching strangers may seem crazy. However, making new friends is a great way to improve any holiday and make friends for life. Here are our tips for making friends as a single dad on holiday.

Meet The Parents of Your Children’s New Friends

As stated above, it is more than likely that your children are going to make friends when they are on holiday. Kids are very social and they love to chat and meet new people. Within days of being on holiday, you will quickly notice that your children have made friends with other children and they are spending most of their time talking to them.

If your kid has been hanging out with someone for a lot of the holiday, then I would recommend trying to meet their parents. It is likely that the parents won’t stray too far from where their children are and so it will be pretty easy to work out who they are.

You can then introduce yourself and point out who your children are. If you have some small talk there is every chance that you guys will hit it off and become close friends. You could always ask them if they would like to eat dinner with your family later on in the evening and really get to know them. It is likely that they are eager to speak to someone that is not a child and so they will be happy that you have reached out to talk to them.

Speak to Dads at The Bar

At every good resort, you will find a bar where you can go and grab drinks. It is likely that when you are treating yourself to a beer you will run into another parent that is getting a drink. If you see another dad, a surefire way that you can make friends is by telling them a joke from this list of dad jokes. No dad can resist a good dad joke it is likely that they have a lot of their own that they will want to tell you.

There is no better way to start a friendship than having a good laugh together and you will probably continue your chat another time.

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